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The Contagion has been contained!
about 1 year ago – Mon, Apr 29, 2019 at 12:20:14 PM

Hello Contagious,

The Contagion has been Contained! OR, it has infected everyone! I can't remember whether we wanted to defeat it or have a world-wide outbreak as a symbol of our success!

Either way, WE DID IT!! We funded the creation of the Contagion Chronicle PDF + prestige hardcover book!

It's James, your very exhausted point person for this kickstarter campaign.
It's James, your very exhausted point person for this kickstarter campaign.

And not just that! We unleashed THIRTEEN STRETCH GOALS!

Lucky 13? Only in the Chronicles of Darkness!!

Contagion Chronicle: Player's Companion, the PDF supplement that will cover crunchy rules section(s) on supernatural interactions with examples and guidance, had all 4 sections ("horsemen") added during this campaign! 

Contagion Chronicle: Global Outbreaks, the PDF travelogue supplement that will add new locations and new manifestations of the Contagion had 5 sections added. 

Those sections will directly translate into page and word counts for Matthew to assign to his team of writers and developers, allowing them to explore more ideas and expand the Contagion Chronicle even further!

Plus DIGITAL WALLPAPER, a discounted BACKER T-SHIRT, and a couple of fun reward tiers that will allow a few backers to mess up the world of the Chronicles of Darkness


So, thank you to all the backers who supported us and made this happen. And a personal thanks to everyone who participated online, either in the comments section of the kickstarter or on social media around the web. 

When we launched this project, I was battling a cold and the joyous onset of seasonal allergies - basically, I was just constantly leaking and coughing. I wasn't sure if that was a good omen or not, but with the Contagion Chronicle, it turned out to be a positive sign! So, now that I'm recovered and not sneezing, I can once more comfortably give out high-fives! 


So, as noted in the previous update, I'll be sending out updates once a month and whenever we've got a new goal, survey, or other item to cover. If you have any questions or need clarification on something related to the kickstarter, you can leave it in the comment section - I will be notified with every addition. Or, you can find the Contact Creator button and Rich will forward your message to me.

For setting stuff and questions about the game itself, it's probably best to post to the Onyx Path Discussion Group here:

So, thanks to everyone for helping build this community and this chronicle and celebrating the epic stories that we can tell with our Sin-Eaters and Changelings and Werewolves (Oh my!)

Now to attend to other business (I've got a few weeks of laundry I've ignored...) and eventually collapse for a few hours and recover from the awesomeness of the last couple days! High fives in the comment section, and you'll hear from me again soon...




about 1 year ago – Mon, Apr 29, 2019 at 12:03:17 PM

Hello Long-term patients and recently infected,

Welcome to the final hours of the Contagion. What an amazing ride this campaign has been!

It's James, your point person for this kickstarter campaign.
It's James, your point person for this kickstarter campaign.

As I prepare to post this, we are FOUR hours from the end of this campaign, and have unleashed an amazing 12 Stretch Goals! That's right - we've hit FIVE Stretch Goals since I posted about our accomplishments two days ago. If you had read that, I was hoping to hit another 1 or 2 ... or maybe even 3. But we've smashed FIVE more goals within the past 48 hours.

Amazing job, everyone!

WE JUST HIT ANOTHER STRETCH GOAL WHILE I WAS TYPING!!! So, we're now at Lucky 13 Stretch Goals achieved!

We've had a massive wave of new backers join in over the past few days (hi, new backers!), and many backers adding on to their rewards or changing their reward levels. I wanted to  review the overall method to ensure you've set up your rewards, and then talk about what comes next.


Please ensure you've selected the Reward Tier that best represents your desired rewards for this project. An update breaking down all of the Reward Tier decisions is HERE <link>, summarized by this chart: 

Click to load a larger version of this reward tier chart.
Click to load a larger version of this reward tier chart.

Once you're sure you've selected the correct Reward Tier, double-check to see if there are any rewards that you want to include via ADD-ON, as described in the update HERE <link>.  

Your REWARD TIER determines what your base rewards are - you must select a Reward Tier to receive those rewards. Again, your reward list is based on your Reward Tier, not your total pledge amount.  

Your PLEDGE TOTAL is the sum of your REWARD TIER + SHIPPING + ADD-ONs.

Shipping is calculated automatically by Kickstarter, based on your location. Add On rewards will be selected in the post-campaign pledge manager sent out once payment processing is complete. 

SO: Ensure that you've selected the Reward Tier you want, and included funding for any Add Ons you wish to include. AND - make sure that you are comfortable with the Pledge Total amount, in terms of it covering everything you want and its' affordability.

And remember - any physical reward Add On (additional books) can only be added to reward tiers that include the prestige hardcover book (Carrier reward tier and higher).

AGAIN: Review your pledge amount and make sure it is affordable for your circumstances. Remember, you are pledging this amount to fund the creation of the Contagion Chronicle PDF + prestige hardcover book. As a thank you, you'll be receiving the rewards listed for your chosen Reward Tier on the Reward Tier chart. We've come a long way on this journey, but there's still a long (and exciting!) road ahead of us, so this is the last chance to turn back before we press on!


Once you're comfortable with your pledge, please ensure that the payment and contact information in your kickstarter account is up to date and correct. Making sure your e-mail is entered correctly and your credit card isn't expired will speed up the next step process. (I have learned from experience!)



First, we celebrate. Kickstarter will send out a "Hooray!" email confirming the campaign ended with final totals. We'll give high fives in the comments section.

Then, the Kickstarter payment process begins. Over the next week, kickstarter will begin charging your payment methods for the total amount you've pledged.

If there is an issue with your payment method (expired credit card or incorrect number or pre-paid Visa awaiting funds, for example), Kickstarter will keep trying to process payment during this time.

Once this step is done, which will likely be mid-May, Kickstarter will confirm everything with Onyx Path and transfer the funds over to them (less the Kickstarter fees, of course!).

Once the payment is confirmed, I can begin to set up the project with BackerKit and link it to the Kickstarter data.

BackerKit is a robust fulfillment integration and pledge management program that will allow us to work with all of the data and distribute the rewards to you. It will take me a few weeks to set the project up. Once I've got it all entered and built, the team from BackerKit will review to ensure I didn't mess anything up too badly, and then I'll make any changes they've suggested and we can move on to the Survey stage. 


Once BackerKit says I'm good to go, I will send out a survey to all backers. This is why confirming your e-mail is important! 

The BackerKit survey is both a verb and a noun - it will collect data for the analysis of some aspect of a group (enabling Onyx Path to set print runs, prioritize new projects, and fine-tune future kickstarters) , as well as providing a general review or summary of the reward tier you've chosen, confirm all of the rewards associated with that reward tier, and confirm your total pledge amount.

I expect Surveys to go out by the end of May. If you opted to include any Add-On rewards to your pledge, this is the point where you will select them. BackerKit will deduct the cost of your reward tier (+shipping) from your total pledge and show you how much you have to allocate for add-on purchases. You simply select the ones you want and proceed. From that point forward, those add-ons will be included in your list of rewards.

During the Survey period, you can also also choose to increase your reward tier. If you've managed to get a tax refund (what?! How?) and decide it's time to trade up to get two copies of the book or include another add-on, you can do so at this time. Note, you will not be able to reduce your reward tier selection, only increase.

If there was an issue with payment to Kickstarter, you should also be able to address that at this point in the process.

The survey will ask you to confirm your shipping address, even though it'll be some time before we ship out the final product. Do not worry about moving before shipping begins - you will be able to update BackerKit right up until the point that we begin fulfilling the final book. We will send out a notice prior to lock down so you can update any information.

I'll also use the Survey to confirm some details for the limited and premium reward tiers.


This is a long process, but I will send out regular updates (usually at the end of the month) to keep you up to speed on our progress. There will be strings of updates that are just "still working on it," but I will share new artwork or information when I can.

Eventually, we will have a completed PDF of the Contagion Chronicle. We'll take some time to distribute, review, and compile any errata or corrections that need to be made. When we've made any necessary changes, we'll send out updated copy of the PDFs and then begin creating print-ready files for the Print-on-Demand and prestige hardcover version.  

It's a long road ahead, but one that we wouldn't be on if not for your support.

Now, with only hours left, let's see if we can land one more Stretch Goal.. or even maybe two?

At $77,000 in funding -  CONTAGION CHRONICLE: GLOBAL OUTBREAKS - Treacherous Expeditions - A final section will be added to the travelogue supplement PDF created for the Contagion Chronicle, adding new locations and new manifestations of the Contagion. 

 At $80,000 in funding -  ART BUDGET INCREASE - Additional funds will be allocated to the art budget, adding more evocative art to the Contagion Chronicle book. 




Backers Only! - Contagion Setting Preview # 12 - Antarctica
about 1 year ago – Sat, Apr 27, 2019 at 12:02:32 AM

This post is for backers only. Please visit and log in to read.

FINAL DAYS: Stretch Goals!
about 1 year ago – Wed, Apr 24, 2019 at 09:52:42 PM

Hello to the Contagious and Curious,

 We're just about tho hit the Final 48 Hours of this Kickstarter campaign, and the Contagion is about to complete it's prodromal period and enter a very active phase. (That's about all of the infection terms I know,  all in one sentence!)

It's James, your Convalescing Kickstarter Concierge for this Contagion Chronicle campaign.
It's James, your Convalescing Kickstarter Concierge for this Contagion Chronicle campaign.

Refresher Course

We've had, and will have, a lot of new backers join in during this last day. I want to take a moment to highlight some key Update posts that new backers may want to check out (and existing backers may want to read as a refresher!).

COMPLETE MANUSCRIPT PREVIEW - We've got one final setting section to post tomorrow, but you can pretty much read the entire manuscript for the game now. If you're a backer, you'll have access to this preview manuscript after the campaign. Remember, though, there are still some minor edits, development and proofing that need to be done. But, you can consider this about 95% finished.

April 20 update - REWARD TIERS - your best starting point for figuring out which Backer Reward Level to choose to help support this project.

April 22 update - ADD ON REWARDS -the important companion piece to the Reward Tiers topic, including information on how to increase your pledge amount to add additional copies of the Contagion Chronicle or the PDF bundles from the Midnight Library.

Click to launch a larger version of this Reward Tier chart
Click to launch a larger version of this Reward Tier chart

If you've been looking at the Premium Reward Tiers - the expensive ones that offer a bit more interaction with the setting, system, and design team - there's always some churn near the end so some rewards that were completely claimed may become available again before the end. Also, we've introduced a new tier - the Contagion Scout - so check those out.

 Choosing the correct Reward Tier for your desired rewards, and then filling in any "gaps" with add-ons, ensures that you'll be claiming all of your desired rewards as a thank you for supporting this project and bringing this world to life.  

Remember, your TOTAL PLEDGE AMOUNT is equal to your REWARD TIER + SHIPPING + ADD ONS. And we will confirm your Add On selection with our post-campaign pledge manager, Backerkit, a few weeks after the campaign ends.

On Thursday, I'll be posting one further "Final Day" update, covering What Happens Next and outlining what to expect once the campaign ends.

But until then, we're going to hopefully be racing through our final Stretch Goal(s) of the campaign!


Over the course of the campaign, we've achieved  7 Stretch Goals! The Contagion Scout reward tier was part of a Contagion outbreak early this morning. We're absolutely picking up speed as we rush toward the finish line! And there's a solid chance to make that 8, 9 or maybe even 10 Outbreaks before we end...


The main focus of the Stretch Goals for this campaign has been to spread the Contagion through two companion PDFs we've been calling the "Player's Companion" and "Global Outbreaks."  As interest in this project grew and additional backers joined in, we've been able to add sections, which means more page count for the developers and writers to cover these supplemental topics.

PLAYER'S COMPANION PDF - A supplement containing crunchy rules section(s) on supernatural interactions with examples and guidance (ie, "What happens when a Vampire does "X" to a Mage?" and similar issues). Built via Stretch Goal achievements, final length and scope will be determined by how many sections are added. Will be included in the rewards list of all backers receiving the Contagion Chronicle PDF.

GLOBAL OUTBREAKS PDF - A travelogue supplement PDF will be created for the Contagion Chronicle, adding new locations and new manifestations of the Contagion. The Global Outbreaks book will also contain more on the factions, vectors, and sub-splats. Built via Stretch Goal achievements, final length and scope will be determined by how many sections are added. Will be included in the rewards list of all backers receiving the Contagion Chronicle PDF.

That's right! You backed this project to help make and publish the Contagion Chronicle for the Chronicles of Darkness game lines. Your primary reward - the big thank you that we'll send out in appreciation for your support - is a PDF and/or prestige hardcover copy of this book! BUT AS A BONUS, you may also have these two supplemental PDFs added to your rewards list as an even bigger thank you for our success in this campaign!


That's a  pretty cool accomplishment, and that's in addition to FUNDING THIS PROJECT in the first place! Your rewards list has likely grown since the start of this campaign. But we're not done, are we? With just over 48 hours to go, we've got another target or two we can look at hitting, and maybe another amazing celebration can be added if we really really STRETCH... 

 At $67,000 in funding -   CONTAGION CHRONICLE: PLAYER’S COMPANION - "Famine" - A third section will be added to the Player’s Companion PDF supplement containing additional rules and guidance for specific supernatural interactions.  

 At $69,000 in funding -  CONTAGION CHRONICLE: GLOBAL OUTBREAKS - Perilous Tours - An additional section will be added to the travelogue supplement PDF created for the Contagion Chronicle, adding new locations and new manifestations of the Contagion.  

AT $70,000 in funding -  PLAGUE BEARER - A new reward tier will be created, allowing a limited number of backers to work with the developer to design two new forms of Contagion presented in the Global Outbreaks PDF supplement. 

At $72,000 in funding - CONTAGION CHRONICLE: GLOBAL OUTBREAKS - Hazardous Treks - An additional section will be added to the travelogue supplement PDF created for the Contagion Chronicle, adding new locations and new manifestations of the Contagion.

At $73,000 in funding - DIGITAL WALLPAPER – An awesome digital wallpaper for your computer desktop featuring art from the Contagion Chronicle. All backers will have this automatically added to their rewards list. 

AT $75,000 in funding -  CONTAGION CHRONICLE: PLAYER’S COMPANION - "Pestilence" - A fourth section will be added to the Player’s Companion PDF supplement containing additional rules and guidance for specific supernatural interactions.  

More Stretch Goals, Not Much More Time  

I know these numbers may seem daunting, but they wouldn't be STRETCH goals if we didn't have to really STRETCH to reach them!

So, as every update concludes: let's keep the enthusiasm rolling! Keep spreading the word and letting others know about this project. They've got just over 48 hours to jump in and share the 7 (can we make it 8? 10? 13?!! ) Stretch Goals we've achieved!

And every backer who joins in as we approach the end is not only able to enjoy the additional rewards already added by the early fans and backers, but also help reward those early backers by expanding everyone's stretch goal rewards!

Remember, only the funds generated during the Kickstarter campaign go toward achieving these Stretch Goal targets, so the time to act is now! Together, we can make great things happen!




SNAFU Part Two
about 1 year ago – Wed, Apr 24, 2019 at 09:51:31 PM

SNAFU Part Two

It had been a half hour since they left. The radio had remained silent. Luca was still alone. He swept the searchlight over the ground, staring out at the same patches of snow in case any tracks appeared. There was still nothing. 

“All clear here,” Luca said into his headset. He tapped his heel against the ground, trying to burn off his nervous energy. “Over.”

Another minute passed. No response. Luca shut off the search light and prepared the helicopter to depart, but stopped when he heard the sound of ice cracking next to him. He looked over and saw a human shape in the darkness, looming over the pilot’s door. 

Leave.” His voice was sharp, clear, and enforced by the power of his blood. 

The shape did not leave. Luca pulled a flashlight and the flare gun from his jacket. 

He clicked on the light. “I won’t tell you again,” he said, “Lea—"

The creature almost looked human. Its eyes were on the edges of its face, like a hammerhead shark. It had no lips. Two large, serrated arcs of enamel sat in its mouth. 

“It’s here!” Luca yelled into the headset. “We have to go!”

The shape punched the door, shattering the tempered glass. 


Aliento knew who he was as soon as he greeted them. He claimed to be Merrick Stanhope, one of the station’s lead scientists. He told them that his nosebleed was just a reaction to dry air, but she saw the misaligned, rotting organs within him. As he took them on a tour of the base, she played along, but now that they were in the base’s corridors, it was time to play her hand. 

“Merrick,” she asked. “What are those side doors for?”

“Ice tunnels,” he said. “Cold storage and waste disposal. You don’t want to see those.”

She slipped a knife from her coat and pointed it at his putrid gut. “You’re right. But I do want to see who you really are. Change back.”

Merrick collapsed to the ground. His jaw dislocated and stretched to the floor in three short spurts. Blood streamed from his nose, turning from red to grey. He looked up at the team with empty eye sockets that gleamed with vitreous fluid.

“Aliento!” Walker yelled. 

“You wanted recon,” she said. “This is recon.”

Mender-of-Ways bared her teeth. Aliento waved her knife at her. 

“Get back. I’m going to ask it some questions.”

“Questions?” Mender-of-Ways barked. “It’s Contagious, we destroy it!”

“Did you look at those corpses, Mender? It’s not just Contagious, it’s a being of pure Contagion. We can learn from what it’s trying to tell us.”

“It wants us dead, Aliento,” Walker barked. “We are at war.”

“We don’t know that until we try talking to it.” She kept both eyes on the bleeding pile of flesh that was once Merrick. “What are you? Where did you come from?”

The creature wheezed and rattled out, “Do you really want to know?”

Someone began to pound on the side doors next to them.

“I barely remember who I was,” the Contagion hissed. “But I know what I have become.”

“Agma!” Walker pointed to the doors. “Keep those shut!”

The pistons in Agma’s legs gave him an extra burst of power as he rushed to the doors. His muscles bulged as he held them together.

The creature hacked out a cough. “I am the rot between the gears. I am the one who tears apart safe things, exposing cruelty to light.”

“Shut up!” Mender-of-Ways twisted her body, preparing to unleash the killing form. 

“But your friend wanted to know where I came from.” The creature let out a high-pitched squeal. 

Despite all his strength, Agma was thrown into the opposite wall as the doors flew open. Beyond them, intricately carved passages made from gleaming steel, tangled roots, and red-stained ice bore into the man-made tunnels. Shriveled, eyeless creatures on cervine hind legs dragged themselves from the mouths of the passages. 

Leering with its half-formed snout, the creature pressed, “Why don’t we continue the tour?”


The infected horror had been strong enough to dig a claw into Luca’s belly and yank him out of the pilot’s seat, but not strong enough to pin him. The two wrestled outside in the snow, and now Luca was on top. 

His attacker’s arms swelled, and its grip tightened. Luca’s own strength was failing. As it steadily dragged him, centimeter by centimeter, closer to its wide, wet, gleaming maw, Luca caught sight of the gleaming flare gun just beyond its shoulder. He slid a hand across the shape’s chest, only for his head to drop inches from its mouth, giving him a whiff of its warm, sticky breath. 

The Beast inside Luca demanded retribution. Luca complied.

He let go at once, using the momentum to sink his fangs into the creature’s throat. His mouth filled with bitter, rancid fat. It melted into a thick liquid. He spat it out on the snow and ran to the flare gun. 

He shot a flare into the sky and made his break for the helicopter, slamming the door and getting the engine running. As the helicopter rose into the air, he saw outlines of other shapes emerging from the ground. 

“Got a lot of them heading your way,” he said. “Are you all okay down there? Over.”

There was no response. Luca shook his head. 

He willed the blood within him to heal his wounds. A thick, gray liquid oozed from the lesions in his abdomen, sealing the injuries with a fusion of flesh, iron, and oak. 

Luca ran his fingers over the new surface of his belly and shut his eyes. 

“I’m fine,” he told himself. “Nonna can help me. It’s fine.”

He opened his eyes, and set course for McMurdo.